We speak with French techno titans Cosmic Boys to celebrate their latest endeavour on their own Scander label ‘Total Equality’…

Hi guys, pleasure to speak with you! How are you?

Pleasure to speak with you too J

We fine thank you. We are going to Bulgaria tomorrow for a date at Cacao Beach so we are in great shape !

First of all, how did you guys meet and come to form Cosmic Boys?

In a club, after a pool party lol.

It’s a friend that we have in common who wanted us to meet.

At this time, we had a different music style but we had the same objective for our public.

We have opposite characters and that’s it who make our balance.

About the music, when we produce, our minds are one. For 5 years we have never had a single disagreement in studio for produce as well as our choice for playlist when we play . Is that who make the power of our music.

How would you describe your sound?

Our style is Techno pumping, and a little bit Cosmic.

Our productions are Techno. For a few years our style it was more Minimal Techno. But our music grow and evolve always with the current trends and today our inspire is more Techno.

Do you take different aspects of your individual preferences and apply it to Cosmic Boys?

We each have our strengths. Whether for melody or rhythmic we each have our “specialty” but we are complementary. The rest we do it with the feeling and we work hard to find more and more sounds that looks like us and create striking tracks.

We also have our own musical tastes, not just in electronic music. That allows to be always more creative and to have this identity in each of our tracks. We love music each with our ear and we create it as we want it together.

We love the new release on Scander! What was the inspiration behind it?

We have always the same inspiration in the studio, we start a track kick bass and drum and the soul of the track arrive after.

On the other hand it’s different for our Live-Set, we are very hard for the selection of our playlist and actually we play more techno and it’s naturaly that our production follow in this universe.

For The first track Total Equality we have make a massive track with fat kick, electro leads and deep vocal.
The second track Rossignol is progressive with a cosmic melody and space synth.

It’s a very good evolution for us.
We tested them for months and it’s thanks to the reaction of the public that we felt that this new techno universe was the way to go.

With these returns we made the decision to release them on our label Scander.

We have this chance, with a lot of work, to have our Label who was created in 2009 befor to starting the Cosmic Boys project. With him we are free for all our releases.

Scander is a big label on which had signed good artists like N’to, Joris Delacroix, Traumer…

And today we continue to make it grow thanks to Cosmic Boys. We can said that the both walk together and it’s a really pride for us.

Today Scander is become a famous Label recognized on Beatport and with a big artistes that we had signed like Reinier Zonneveld, Felix Krocher, Ron Costa, Matt Sassari and more.

Where you always musical growing up? What drove you towards this sound?

What led us to this music are the clubs of Montpellier with their residents Djs.

We also had the chance to known the Bar Live After who was the best After Club in Europe. We could discover many international artists like Ellen Allien, Marc Romboy, Paul K and many more.

It was the impact for become Dj and then compose.

What is the scene in Montpellier like? Has it changed in the past years? Is it the same as you remember?

Montpellier scene has changed a lot in 20 years.

It was one of the two “capital” of the electronic scene in France with Paris when the Techno and Rave movements arrived.

It started with the Borealis events, followed by the legendary Villa Rouge Club and the most famous After in Europe the Bar Live (cited above).

These clubs have seen the world’s best DJs at their beginning such as Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin (at this time with the name of Plastikman) for only cited them.

Montpellier knew a hard time when the Bar Live and Villa Rouge Club closed. They were essential pillars in the South of France. But the fervour of the underground music and the public are stay strong and to be continue thanks to many associations, new clubs and the emergence of new festivals like Family Piknik Festival who that keep underground music in light in Montpellier. We also played alongside Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Loco Dice etc in 2017.

What do you guys like to do to unwind outside of the music?

We love go to the beach in summer because it’s close to our studio J

We also like doing spa, sport, to have meals with our family and our friends.

Where do you look for inspiration before you get in the studio?

It’s inexplicable. From the moment we start the tempo the Cosmic universe is set up. And here we go !!!

Where is your favourite place to travel?

The world and these cultures.

We don’t have favorite place because each country have a different cultures and it’s a pleasure for us to discover them every time.

Favourite club?

There are many, but those who have us the most marked are Egg London, Cacao Beach and Akvarium Club.

Top five records at the moment?

It’s difficult for us because there are a lot of very good tracks at the moment but here are those we like very much:

 * Victor Ruiz – The Eye Of The Beholder

* Thomas Schumacher – Wake Up

* Wehbba – She Lost Control

* Matt Sassari & Patrik Berg – Discovery

* Cirez D – Dare U

What does the future hold for Cosmic boys? Any further goals and ambitions to achieve?

The universe and play on the Moon J ahah !!

More seriously, we planned an album for early 2019 and we create a live show for the future.

Our ambitions are always more work meeting and sharing !!

Total Equality is out now! Buy it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/total-equality/2321360