Kingpin of the new-school, Brooklyn disco scene and co-founder of the infamous Let’s Play House brand, Jacques Renault, comes with the heavy, raw power on his latest LP, BK Club Beats, Breaks & Versions. Comprised of 10-cuts highlighting Brooklyn’s signature flavor of house music and showcasing the borough’s influence on Renault’s productions; this collection brings together vintage percussion, loose, disco-sampling and classic synth work and wraps it all up in a warm, tape-saturated Snuggie. Here we have one such tune from the collection, One More Time… not to be confused with that other track by whoever the fuck that was… I digress.

Launching out the gate with a shuffling swing and thudding kick drums, One More Time quickly introduces a Chic-flavored disco loop that chugs, lovingly atop  Jacques crunchy rhythms. A instant party starter in my book!

Look out for this LP dropping next week on Jacques’ Let’s Play House label.




Artist: Jacques Renault
Title: BK Club Beats, Breaks & Versions
Label: Let’s Play House
Release: July 20th, 2018
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Catalog: LPH060


– rider
Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor