Rogue D & Memoryman AKA Uovo have teamed up for their latest release together, the Electric Safari EP out now on Crosstown Rebels. The four-tracker marks their collaborative debut on the label, fresh from Total Black on sibling label Rebellion in 2019, and includes two remixes by longstanding German talent, Roman Flügel. To mark the release, we caught up with Danny Minchella aka Rogue D, here’s how it went!

Hi Danny! Great to have you back with us following your Lovecast mix for us last year! How have you been? Whereabouts in the world are you right now?

Hello guys, thanks for having me! I have moved from Milan to Bologna for a few years now and I must say that I am very happy here!

So last week you made your debut on Crosstown Rebels alongside Memoryman AKA Uovo for the Electric Safari EP. This is a wicked release! Can you tell us a bit about this one?

Electric Safari was born from an idea started listening to ‘Berghain’ and ‘Padlock’ by DJ Harvey. These two masterpieces came to mind while recording synths and sampling. We wanted a mix of afro electric funk and dub.

Roman Flügel’s remixes are great too. What was the process behind Roman being chosen to remix on the EP?

When Damian was interested in our release he proposed us some artists to entrust a remix to. The names were many but we always love Roman’s works and that’s why we chose him!

You and Memormyman AKA Uovo have collaborated a few times over the years! How did you guys first link up in the studio?

Cristiano and I have been working together in the studio for a long time now. The first time we met in the it was i think 8 years ago when i came to play in Bologna. The first track we did together when I used to run another project it was ‘I need to Get Away’ that was released on Defected.

How do you and Memoryman AKA Uovo usually approach making a track? What’s the creative process like?

Cristiano is a collector and a lover of vinyl so we have a lot of records available to listen to, sample and to get ideas from…We often have different ideas but then we manage to merge into something interesting.

You’ve appeared a number of times on Crosstown’s sibling label, Rebellion. What’s your relationship like with the Crosstown family?

The only thing I can say is that Damian and Paolo always listen to my stuff …they’re my family!

Obviously the last 18 or so months have been tough for the music scene globally. Have you been able to return to gigs yet? And if so, have you had a chance to play out Electric Safari yet?

It is starting slowly after these long 18 months of inactivity… I had the opportunity to try Electric Safari a few weeks ago here in Bologna and I was very satisfied with the reaction of the public, especially for Roman’s remix!

Great to chat with you Danny! Congrats on the release too. To finish off, is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you’d like to share with us?

Yes of course, I have an original on Roger Sanchez Stealth Records I did in collaboration with a NY singer Chantae Vetrice that will be out in October. And also I did a remix of a Classic House track by Roger Sanchez. Thanks guys for having me!

Rogue D & Memoryman AKA Uovo – Electric Safari EP with Roman Flügel remixes is out now on Crosstown Rebels

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