With their independent and infectious sound, Super Flu are releasing on labels like Diynamic, Stil vor Talent, Crosstown Rebels, Disco Halal and Moonharbour and run their own label Monaberry. The two gentlemen have long since risen to become international figureheads who are decisively defining the sound of a new era. Their gigs are bursting with creativity and the same goes for their remixes and productions. We took a quick look at some of their favourites in the studio.

1. Roland Jupiter-6
The Jupiter-6 is without long thought our favorite synth. You have direct control of every option without any menu diving. Each preset even the random generated ones are super dope and this machine is full of joy. 61 keys we wont keep our hands off. With some effect pedals behind it you can spend hours and hours just with this beauty.

2. Folktek Omnichord OM-36
We find hard words to describe this machine. It is a wonderful and weird sound factory and it was one of our earliest invests. From drones to short klicks you get everything out of it. With the 60 copper touch points, you can generate complex tones and filtering and distortion. Your finger will guide you through this journey.

3. Teenage Engineering OP-1
A toy that is not a toy. Thats our impression of this awesome machine. The OP-1 is so well designed and the great sounds and effects make it a real instrument for us. You generate ideas in a totally different way and that is what we like the most. Thinking out of the box and trying some new ways to trick yourself.

4. Yamaha VSS-30
This keyboard from 1987 is the most underrated sampling tool. It can record 3.5 seconds, but the main feature is to loop it and filter it in an awesome way. The result is mind blowing and if you get the chance to find one for a good price … give it to us.

5. Roland SBX-80
It was a rainy sunday somewhere in 2005, when we met Jeff Mills in his studio. We talked for hours and jamed a lot. Centerpiece of the jams was the Roland SBX-80. The drums out of the machine and the crispy snares enchanted us and we saved a lot of money to buy one half a year later. Until today those knobs give our tracks the right groove and energy.