Pole Folder is a Belgian electronic musician and live club performer, based in Brussels. A former protégée of the highly respected British DJ John Digweed, Pole Folder entered the limelight in 2001 as a DJ and producer at the forefront of the European progressive house movement, and has since evolved into a multi-instrumentalist and live performer of melodic-driven techno, tech house and deep house. His critically acclaimed music has been released on some of electronic music’s most prestigious record labels in the world.

Macbook Pro 16

I could sound fancy by putting a superb Roland or Moog synthesizer in first position, … but the truth is that today I manage everything within my computer. I first worked on Atari in the 90s and then moved to Apple in 2000. Despite the fact that I regret Apple’s monopoly in the music production market, I am grateful that this brand provides us with stable machines, much nicer to use, at least from my point of view, than the Microsoft environment. I recently bought a MacBook Pro 16, 8 core, with 32G of Ram and the performance is excellent. Today with only my computer I can make a finished product and this performance is quite fascinating. This makes access to artistic creation affordable for a lot of people, especially when I remember the price of my first synthesizers or samplers. Now, for a reasonable budget, a lot is possible in our field.

Maschine Mk3

I am glad to own a Maschine MK3 and really enjoy programming drums in this gear. The ergonomics of the controller and the software are very intuitive. The large amount of possibilities requires diving into the user manual or tutorials but this reinforces the idea of having a tool with few limits. The combination with the Komplete system is also a huge source of creativity.

Auratone speakers

I am lucky to have Auratone 5C from the 70s in the studio as well as at home. It takes a little time like all speakers to know how to read it, but after this apprenticeship, it is an excellent tool to work on a mix. If the track sounds good on it there’s a good chance it sounds good everywhere else. Of course, I also use other monitoring in the workplace, but these have become essential.

Expressive E Touché SE

I have long neglected working with controllers in Ableton my DAW and I regret it, but in recent years I have changed my workflow. One of the last controllers I bought is the SE touch. The possibilities are enormous. I really like the fact that mapping with any plugins is very fast and intuitive. The touch of the controller itself is nice and smooth in all directions. This new approach to programming and playing instruments opens up a lot of possibilities and is a perfect tool for creativity. I just wish I had this in my hands earlier. I used it a lot on that remix for Dreaming Awake Records.


ADPTR Audio Metric AB

It’s a plugin but for me a must in my workflow. It gives you instantly the possibility to make an AB comparison with 16 tracks of your choice. The plugin allows you to compare the analysis of frequencies and also gives us the options of working by spectrum areas. Different playback modes are possible, synchronized or not to the track in production. You can make a comparison on the stereo image, loudness, dynamics, … and quickly switch to mono, sides, or left, right. This tool corrects this classic flaw of getting used to a bad mix after spending hours on it. The price is not cheap but Plugin Alliance regularly does promotions.

-Pole Folder


Turn it up & enjoy!