A bit of a different one here, this studio feature is from anonymous deep house producer, Moondance!  Although his identity may not yet be known to the world, his music is already speaking for itself.

We got the great chance to see where the magic happens and peer into his studio space!

1. Juno-106

That’s  the last piece of gear I had the chance to buy (after years of desire) before all of this mess and thanks God it changed my life. I think no presentation needed for this beast

2. Matrix1000

Oh that’s hot. The rack version of the legendary Oberheim Matrix 6. Veeery cool for cosmic pads and brass but if you are curious enough to go thru its 1000 presents at some point you could find some heavy bass sounds too. Good luck!

3. M1

I bought it from an old man that use to play piano bar in the 90s. Immaculate in a flight case for some years it went back  to work to provide me some classic sounds and pianos. The drum kits are not bad too!

4. Korg Minilogue

This is a really nice keyboard to start studying synthesis. Easy but very powerful and versatile. I use it for brass, tech (ish) elements and background effects also thanks to its two oscillators.

5. Akai MPC2000XL

My very first sampler-sequencer machine. I rarely use it to sample nowadays but more as a midi controller to play drums because of its hi sensitive pads. We are together since 2005 🙂


Turn it up & enjoy!