With their new ‘Wirefire’ release forthcoming on Freerange Records, we wanted to take a chance to meet the duo behind the magic. Clavis was generous enough to give us a sneak peak of their studio set-up and talk about these 5 pieces of gear that are essential to their productions!


1. Roland HPD-20
We’ve been using this on most Clavis releases to date for everything percussive that needs a live feel, and to loosen up the groove where needed. Featured prominently on “Camira“ from our latest EP on Freerange.

2. Moog Sub37
An overall great bread-and-butter synth, and our weapon of choice when it comes to basslines that sit perfectly in the mix. Also fun for weird effects when combined with wonky delays.
3. Crumar Performer-2

Rather exotic italian string machine that never fails to sound just right. You can hear this on “Matinada“.

4. TAB T40
Mixer with eight vintage TAB channel strips formerly used at German broadcaster WDR. The EQs and Haufe transformers add weight to any signal. On “Wirefire“ we pushed the rhythm section into the red quite a bit.

5. Vintagedesign VDC
A modern take on the classic Neve 2254 compressor design with a sweet “air“ band that can become dangerously addictive.
Clavis’ Wirefire EP drops April 24th on Freerange Records!




Turn it up & enjoy!