Hailing from the Spanish mainland is a sound that’s resonating globally thanks to a choice select of tastemakers that are driving through the boundaries set out by their mediums. A notable character from that sub-culture of game-changers is Marc Martinez Nadal, aka AFFKT, who has been a driving force behind a colorful & empowering sound that is refined by his drive for perfection. We were fortunate enough to get a glimpse into the work space where AFFKT concocts his wonderful productions!

Take a look inside and see where this master-of-his-craft operates!

1. Moog One

This is the new kid on the block, I have been playing a lot with it lately but I think I will never get tired of this synth. Comparing the other Moog I have (Moog Phatty) I have a wide universe of options to create every kind of sound.

You can create a wide spectrum of sounds, from fat bases to Leads or FX, and everything sound so pure and good. 

2. OB-6

I think almost every track I did in the last 5 years has at least one sound from the OB-6. The bass of ‘Poalà’ included in my last EP for Sincopat is from this synth, and came out jamming, I was playing a simple line, meanwhile I was going deep with the LFO portamento and then magic appears.

Is a great synth also for Pads and Leads, sounds really clean and especially good in high frequencies.

3. Dave Smith Instruments Pro-2

Another versatile synth here, loving the crispy sound of the Pro2 and it has so many options to play with, the sequencer is so easy and fast to use.

Includes a distortion right next to the volume, which I find it really great idea, as you see in the photo I use a lot the distortion Knob 🙂

4. Percussions

Adding real percussions to your music always gives a special flavour, I like to record everything not just normal percussion also a plastic bottle, an old pan or a liquor cristal bottle to name a few, you just have to find the right way yo play them. 

In fact, I am not really good playing any of them but I do my best and the Ableton warp makes the rest.

5. TR-8 Plus Pedals

Ok this is more than one thing, but as for me is in the same pack and as I am using so much I decide to include this combination.

There is a whole universe of experimentation just with these few things, you can get a Pad from a snare sound or a lead from a cowbell. Also everything comes through the TL Audio mixer to give an extra colour if you needed, most of the synths are going through the mixer as well.


Turn it up & enjoy!