Behind all good music there is also the liberation of one’s own spirit and that of the listeners. The Ukrainian-born musician and life act I Fall in Neon creates with his new album “Catharsis” a melodic liberation from the confusions of life and takes us on a moving journey through his sound and sound cosmos. Deep House, Melodic Techno and Electronica merge on the album to something completely unique that touches all senses.

Two of the songs on the album are spiced up by the collaboration with a female and a male singer. The unique voices of these two artists complement the music flawlessly and give it an additional emotional depth.
“I Fall in Neon” is known for its innovative sound experiments and its talent for merging different genres. “Catharsis” continues this tradition and shows the artist’s abilities to their full extent. A magical album that lifts us off the ground and puts us in an exhilarating state!