Barcelona is known for it’s vibrant nightlife, picturesque architecture, and incredible underground music scene. One of the front runners helping pave the way for underground artists is W Hotel resident, and incredible producer, Piem.

Piem has seen releases on labels such as VIVa, Glasgow Underground, Underground Audio, Go Deeva, and many more, along with playing some of the best clubs in Spain, and throughout Europe. MI4L is incredibly excited to bring you an hour long mix by our homie from one of the best cities in the world! So pour yourself a sangria, crank up the volume, and let Piem take you on a ride.

Download mix and interview below…

Hometown Heroes: Piem from Barcelona

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Interview with Piem

How did you get into dance music and DJing? Do you remember a specific moment of inspiration or was it an evolution?
Since i was a kid i’d always been a big fan of electronic music. When i was 14 a few friends of mine back then they were DJ’ing and they taught me how to do it, then i begun to this start playing at a few small parties in town.

Right up untill this moment today, i would say it’s been more a evolution than a specific moment that has got me here to this point. I started my journey into music at a young age listening to so much music, diggin through lots of different styles and playing a lot of music tlll i found what i would call my style. My style is just “House and Techno”.

Describe the scene in Barcelona. What parties, clubs and restaurants would you recommend?
The scene in Barcelona is very strong and vibrant, not only because of the fantastic sights and great weather all year round but because we have lots of quality artists and big parties passing through the city on a weekly basis. Barcelona has become one of Europes hot spots for Underground Electronic music but maybe the most important thing for the scene here is Sonar festival, in particular OFF WEEK as this placed barcelona on the map of electronic music worldwide. There’s loads of good places to party and visit but my personal favourite ones are Sight at Pacha Barcelona, Wet Deck at W Barcelona and Brunch in the park.

Food wise we are pretty spoilt for choice in terms of quality but if i were to recommend anywhere, i’d suggest checking out Carpe Diem which is a cool restaurant and club or if you want the best Tapas in the city you must visit Tapas 24.

Do you have any residencies?
Yes. I started a residency 4 years ago at the W hotel in Barcelona, also this summer I started a new residency in Ibiza at Eden with Faction, this is just 6 dates from June till September, where i’m playing with some big UK names like Leftwing & Kody, Burnski, Cera Alba and many more… 

What BPM does your heart beat at?
Normally 123bpm. Sometimes a little less, sometimes little more but never over 125.

What gigs do you dream about?
I’ve played a lot of gigs since 2007 and dreamt about soo much more lol. But the dreams that stand out the most are Cielo in NY, Ministry Of Sound UK and Circoloco, which is maybe my favourite! 

What cool things do you have planned for the remainder 2017 and beyond?
Actually I’m working on a new Record Label/Radio Show with a good friend from UK, I’ve also got a new project coming in the next few weeks at W Barcelona with the new recording studio they’ve build inside the hotel. Wer’e we gonna do a few livestreams, masterclasses and  some other stuff i can’t really mention at the moment.

Tell us about your mix…
My mix is just few of my favourite records i’m really enjoying play at the moment, and i have also included couple records of mine. Whenever i record a mix I always try to make it an easy listen for the listeners, and try to include enough grooves and energy so they dont get bored.

Drink of choice…
Cold Beer

Senior Editor