Have you ever been to a festival and you and your crew need to step aside from the dancefloor for a quick bevy refill? Now’s the time before the main act hits up the decks you think to yourselves. You make your way through the crowd, its still early on in the night, excitement and anticipation are in the air, it’s not quite peak time yet, but you’re foaming at the mouth, not literally of course, and if you are please seek medical attention.

Just as you’ve fought your way through the hordes of dancers a break from the kick gives way and a riff so catchy comes on, the reverb from the open-air giving it a little extra juice, you look at your mates and realize that your quest for bevy must take pause because something new and exciting was about to happen.

You now work your way back to the center of the dancefloor, empty-handed, but with full hearts and just wait for that moment, and it happens, the crowd comes together for the first time, and it sets the tone for the rest of the night.

This song is that, without being a peak time banger, it’s in its own right different and full of energy. Cheeky and groovy, while being stripped back. This is the perfect song not to start a party, but to get a party started.

Unique and funky just like its Italian creator Heider.

“Oh Babe” is out on January 15th, via Purple Tea Records.




Artist: Heider
Title: Oh Babe
Label: Purple Tea Records
Release Date: 2021-01-15




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor