[Release]Guy Gerber is no new comer to the music game.  He also isn’t just a fleeting trend of an artist.  His music has evolved and pulsated and emanated into many genres.  From Late Bloomers to his most recent Fabric compilation, there is no corner of musical emotion Gerber leaves untouched.


Gerber’s fabric64 was nothing short of brilliant.  If you have yet to listen, I highly recommend you find yourself a quite place, alone, to travel that road. Now, on Steady, Gerber releases “The Gold Sun And The Silver Moon,” a track from the compilation, along with “Steady,” a soft, forward-thinking track featuring dOP’s Jaw.


Jaw has an irresistible, hypnotizing voice and is instantly recognizable.  His voice is almost inseparable from the track itself, hauntingly present yet comforting, making this a dark track full of depth. The Midland remix makes the track more club appropriate and its beauty lies in the fact that, aside from key and Jaw’s voice, it sounds like a completely new song.


The B-side offers up “The Golden Sun and Silver Moon,” a dreamy track that is more classic musicianship than dance.  Harkening back to Gerber’s creeping, drawn out sound from five or six years ago, this track takes patience and is well worth the wait.  It is lighthearted and definitely otherworldly, transporting you to fantastical beaches and unknown hideaways.


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