[Release] I am infatuated with everything about this release … from the Tim Burton-esque cover art to every dark and twisted tune on it. OBSESSED. The Life and Death label is notorious for a bit twisted sound that is deep, dark, and entrancing. They manage to find music that so beautifully embodies the perfect balance of what is my favorite combination of deep and dark. This latest release is no exception, and it is one of their best.

This various artists compilation is loaded with twisted delights. The EP kicks off with Italian duo Mind Against with the masterpiece that is ‘Cagliostro’. It just takes me there. From the deep and hard bassline to the distant sporadic sounds to the leading and rising and falling of synths to the ominous and twisted vibe … it entrances and transports, out of your sphere to a fantasy of a twisted wonderland. Ted Alexander is the next up with ‘Energy’, a truly beautiful track. Dark but light, deep but airy … it’s an exquisite blend embodying a blissful vibe, which can also be used to describe the heartwarming ‘Shine (Light The Sun)’ by Clarian. Christian Prommer & Roland Appel take it a bit harder and faster with ‘Return of the Aquarius’, a definite dancefloor heater. The big guns come in on ‘Big Sins’, a perfectly hard but deep and dark ethereal and impeccable track from one of Visionquest‘s ringleaders Ryan Crosson and one of my all time favorite duos Tale of Us. The EP ends with a happy and deep superior and superb sound from Christian Loeffeler.


Overall, the EP is simply exquisite and excellent evidence to the superb quality that is the Life and Death label. Amazing tracks from all the artists involved and some new favorite artists to keep on an eye on. Straight gold. Get lost in it lovers …




Artist: Various Artists
Title: Some Things (Fall)
Label: Life and Death
Release Date: October 15
Catalog: LAD007






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