[Forthcoming Release]  Straight Music is a label that has been filling our ears with sweet house music over the past couple years. Recently they decided to jump on the latest Gangsta House trend, and sign up Depaack for his first solo EP. Owner of Cream Couture Records and Half of Subsonnik, it’s no wonder people are jumping at the chance to sign this rising star.  In addition to two great tracks we also get incredible remixes Amine Edge & Dance and Him_Self_Her.

‘Eyes On Me’ is one hell of a gangsta house funk jam with sensual vocals, large synths, and a riveting melody all accompanied by a pumping bass line.  If things couldn’t get more G, Amine Edge & Dance jump on the remix and deliver a divinely deep and funky remix with loads of groove and a fat bass line.  ‘Gotta Get That Girl’ is a delightful track with a nice throwback feeling.  Punchy horns and wet percussion make this track very appealing.  Him_Self_Her have sure made a name for themselves in the past couple months.  On a super high, they continue their trend of releasing great music with their remix. A stellar track that is light and spicy with a great build up which leads to a jacking house classic.

  A stellar release from beginning to end, this is definitely one record you are going to want to add to your collection.

Artist:  Depaack
Title:  Eyes On Me EP
Label:  Straight Music
Catalog No.:  STR023
Release Date:  Early December