1. Hi Göran, thanks for taking the time to talk to Music is 4 Lovers. Tell us, where are you right now and how is 2019 treating you so far?

Thank you very much for having me on to share my thoughts with MI4L.

Because of the cold winter days, I spend a lot of time in my studio. The grey weather creates the perfect atmosphere for new productions.

Currently we are promoting our upcoming digital release scheduled for the 4th February. We are in a positive mood after receiving such a great feedback from Nick Warren, Animal Trainer, Nicolas Masseyeff and from some more great artists.

2.You have featured on a number of labels over the years but you seem to have sprung to prominence through your own MYR label over the last year or two. What inspired you to launch your own imprint? And what if the label’s ethos?

MYR is an independent label. At the beginning it was the easiest way to hand over my releases to other labels. Working with them taught me a lot about organizing myself.

MYR gives me the opportunity to make my own decisions. We do not have to fit in box. If I am blown away by someone’s sound and there is a personal connection then this could be the base of a cooperation.

Having the freedom to make my own choices motivates me and validates all the time I invest.

3. You have a background in promoting events in your native Germany, is that something you still do? From a personal perspective, what have been the best nights you have been involved in organising?

I am not involved in planning parties any more. Promoting and organizing events was a big deal in my teen years. We were a big crew of friends with the same passion for music. We organized eight events in two years in our home town Magdeburg. One of the best nights was called “Fratzenfasching“ in 2004 with DJs from Tresor Berlin and 1040 Leipzig. The party was amazing and the location was so overcrowded that we had to limit the entrance.

Now, years later we are grown-ups.

4. Can you tell us a little about your production and writing process?

I am working with a mix of digital and analogue equipment. A three-way speaker system is the base for every production. Ableton Live helps me to arrange and visualise my tracks. My favourite synths are Moog Sub 37, Prophet 6 and Access Virus. I am recording these on the fly, cut and edit the sounds. A 32 channel interface enables me to send the files to a tube summing machine. The machine’s output I send to more analogue EQ s and back to Ableton for recording my master channel.

It is always fun to combine different synths and FX devices from Strymon.

5. What are the things that bring you joy in life, other than electronic music? Do you have any particular passions.

Movement. I like to play tennis, running and snowboarding. In summertime, I also enjoy cat sailing with my girlfriend. Three years ago we got a licence to rent a catamaran all over the world.

6. For you, what are the greatest 3 albums of all time? And why?

*Freundeskreis – Esperanto

Reminded me of my early teens. It is German hip hop with authentic and clever lyrics.

*Pink Floyd – The Wall

An outstanding brave album with a timeless concept released in 1979 — and still in people’s minds today.

*Tresor 185 – True Spirit

Includes some techno tracks I enjoyed dancing to in the old Tresor Club in Berlin.

7. What have you got planned for the year ahead both personally and for your MYR label?

As previously mentioned our 11th EP will be released this February. Currently we are working on a remix EP for Oldrich Sic Jr. with some special artists from Berlin.

Manuel Rodriguez, Kaiser Waldon and Juli Lee are also spending time in their studios. We are looking forward to an exciting year in 2019!

We also would like to present our music on stage, therefore we are looking for a booking agent who could support us.

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