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Three Genres !
One Release Date !

We’re proud to present you the first three releases by the club label Sektor Evolution. The Dresden (Germany) based club finally kicks off their own label and features a versatile sound universe which you can find regularly on their three dance floors.

Drumcomplex & Frank Sonic – Korten 001 (Techno):
From the depths of the all-devouring, yet everybody carrying floor, I catch sight of this being – no, just its silhouette – which, without recognizing what it is, much less perceiving its true nature, magically captivates my whole self. Getting closer, without converging. Fusing, or rather gaining certainty about being one already. We are the beat, the moment, the synthesis.

“Elephant Trumpet” is out on April 30th, via Sektor Evolution.




Artist: Various Artists – Cork / Korten / Bisquit (Incl. Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic, Nicolas Schilling, Alec Troniq & Phillson)
Title: Korten 001
Label: Sektor Evolution
Release Date: 2021-04-30




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor