Coming across a gathering that beats with a pure, genuine heart is a rare blessing. For the many house heads of the cosmos who journey off beaten paths, search deep into musical realms and crave significance within nightlife escapades, it becomes apparent that what we are all seeking is a ‘vibe.‘ Thrown around all too often, this all encompassing, heart warming, stimulating feeling draws from the combination of quality people, comfortable surroundings and provoking beats.

To express that the Desert Hearts curators produced such an experience would be an understatement. Through Friday’s harsh climate conditions and logistical tribulations, the crew proved their passion, perseverance and strength as leaders, transforming setbacks into opportunities to learn, grow and unite the community on a deeper level than ever before.

Rain poured and strong winds blew on Friday eve as Dink and Wobs served up pumping grooves that echoed over the grounds and uplifted everyone’s dancing hearts with a bang, even as their newly set up tents were beginning to soak.  As the night continued, a chill stung the air and snow began to settle on the dust, leaving all in awe as mother nature twisted this springtime desert getaway into a winter wonderland.  Yet, the dark undulating beats of Deep Jesus, Christian Martin, Michael Rosa and John Dill kept hearts elevated and bodies warm for a mental introduction to a wild weekend as the sun rose on a beautiful new day.

San Francisco duo Bells & Whistles’ early morning soulful selections lured the sunshine seekers onto the dancefloor to finally soak in the artistically consecrated grounds that featured luminous installations, creative structures, relaxing spaces and breathtaking views that made the world seem that much more fascinating.  Illustrated within a valley of peaking boulders under crystal clear skies and cotton candy clouds, the spell of flawless music gracefully flowed between DJs and acted as a collective stream of consciousness over the next 48 hours, capturing an essential fluidity that was carefully designed and well executed.
 Droog’s deep and melodic cruise  into Jay Tripwire’s lush, tribal layers and Kevin Anderson’s entrancing energy grounded Saturday’s vibrancy, climaxing as Mikey Lion stepped up for an afternoon ride laced with lyrical touches and alluring melodies that blissed out the crowd. Atish followed, playing straight to the depths with the most exuberant moves in the cutest pajamas as the sun set on a perfect day, drawing everyone up the desert’s peaks to take in the last moments of daylight as the golden sun painted the sky. Porkchop drifted into the darkness with a dynamic, driving set that infused a nocturnal spirit back into the desert, preparing the dancing hearts for a deep techno laiden night with Tim Green, Halo, Lee Reynolds, and Marbs.

There is always something about Sunday that brings everyone closer as we start to truly settle into the space, satisfied, comfortable, and feeling right at home. Not ready to leave and face the lackluster norms Monday brings, explorations ensued from hiking peak highs and piling out at the palace, to embracing the completed art installations, yoga offerings and delicious eats.

Out of the heavier haven of the illustrious DJ T’s lingering sunrise flow, warm, feel good house set the day with Brad Moontribe and Mark E Quark while plates of fresh fruit and bottles of cold champagne floated around. The desert warmth finally took hold and shed layers as Jon Dadon’s afternoon jazzy collection elevated sultry sounds and latin tribal moments courtesy of Eduardo Castillo’s extended flow.  The sun began to fall on the fantasy weekend and watched everyone hike up the peak to share the miraculous memories and bask in the valley’s beauty as one big family, lost in a moment with Matthew Dekay.  Dreamscaping through dusk with Tara Brooks, those fortunate enough to ward off Monday’s blues and stay through the last day experienced a special, family intimacy the festival is rooted in, drawing the weekend to a close on Monday afternoon.


Although the heart of the desert lies on the dance floor, the genuine enchantment is truly derived from the liberated creativity and generous, lighthearted souls who dwell in the space, building a collective consciousness that knows no bounds.  Everything from the Pile Palace comfort zone and rejuvenating yoga sanctuary to the climbing dome, artist spaces and hilarious signs, the personal touches make the difference and bring the desert to life.  The sense of freedom that comes from such an open, expressive event acts as the utmost refreshing escape, sending you off with a bright, hopeful afterglow, and whether it is your first or your fifth romp, the warm, welcoming vibe will invite you in and make you feel at home – always.


Thank you for everything, WE ARE ALL DESERT HEARTS <3





Crew Music Moments In Order of Appearance <3
Deep Jesus

Mikey Lion


Lee Reynolds



Images taken by: Wobsarrazi for Desert Hearts, Veranmiky for Desert Hearts, Life Music Fun, & Robert Stone Nadel Photography 

Collaboratively Crafted by Desert Hearts Devin & Minxxx <3