Superfreq kicks off 2014 in style with this new five track EP from Dance Spirit, the mysterious American duo that work around a philosophy based on attaining subconscious harmony through rhythm, timbre, melody, and movement. So far they have done so on labels like Supernature and Maison d’Etre as well as Superfreq of course, and this magical EP once again proves they are in a class of their own.

The EP was made during a 6 week stay in sunny Barcelona, but it comes with a sombre side note from the duo: Being around the scene as long as we have you see people get sucked into the dark side of drugs and partying, and in LA there have even been a few suicides in our dance community, so it’s a message about respecting the music and the culture. If you are here to escape, you might want to tell someone and get help.

And so to the sounds, which kick off with ‘Take In The Night,’ a squelchy synthesis of bobbling house beats and sharp, crisp percussion that gets tethered to earth with a big elastic bassline. There’s plenty of decay and dirt in the way the track evolves, and more than a hint of dystopian post-apocalyptic vibes to the haunted spoken-word vocals.

Following a dub version, next up is ‘There You Are,’ which is another otherworldly fusion of alien sounds, scuttling bacteria and eerie synths. All this great sound design is tied to a deep mid-tempo groove, and Dance Spirit really create a whole world for you to get lost in. ‘I Got You’ is a supple bit of late-night tech house with a dark but libidinous vocal, and widescreen synths that really sound like a pained lullaby. The final track, ‘Patterns,’ drops a lighter, uplifting house groove with loose limbed drums, colorful melodies and plenty of subtle disco atmosphere.This is a great EP with which to start the year for Superfreq, and one that confirms Dance Spirit are very much leading the field.


Artist:  Dance Spirit
Title:  Take In The Night
Label:  Superfreq
Catalog No.:  SFD013