Like stepping into a warm electronic sound bath, Chaims latest release for Visionquest ripples with pulsing sonic textures and propels forward at a softly galvanic pace as the slowly emerging melody takes hold in Underwater. B side Remember When is just as compelling – a slightly tougher edge and darkly euphoric atmosphere injected with sporadic chimes, disembodied voices and dramatic synth stabs. This is a truly hypnotising release.Now being based in the hub of electronic talent that is Berlin, Chaim is still a true stand out artist in today’s fast paced digital world. After a wave of stunning releases on labels such as Supplement Facts, Cocoon and MBF, for a time Chaim worked exclusively with the Berlin based BPitch Control imprint. His acclaimed debut album ‘Alive’ released spring 2011 on the label and this season his monster Ibiza anthem Blue Shadow (on Rumors), has proven his powerful, individual productions to be some of the highest quality club tracks around.Fusing solid bass heavy grooves, clearly inspired by his love for those classic jacking Chicago jams, hypnotic synth hooks, trademark affected percussion, live instrumentation and vocal snippets, Chaim’s unique and organic sound always makes an impact. Underpinned by top-class studio knowhow, his crisp, forward thinking records are a joy to drop in front of even the biggest crowds.


Artist:  Chaim
Title:  Underwater
Label:  Visionquest
Catalog No.:  VQ044