Dilate Records is quickly becoming one of our favorite labels and are back with a bang for their 11th release from the super talented Kosmas. Kosmas has not just delivered an amazing track, but a truly outstanding piece of music. The track takes you through waves of darkness and spiritual wellbeing, driving on throughout with a bumpy bass line to compliment, followed by a dark arp which is masked with eerie pads and small vocal snippets to round off this masterpiece.

An amazing dubby style remix from Miguel Puente puts this track straight onto the dancefloors of the most prestigious clubs. Using just the harmonics of the main riff and some serious groove makes this remix something quite special.

Low Tide finish the package off with hard hitting kick drums and clever bass patterns running from start to finish. Adding the spooky but raw nu disco style vibe to the track that will put this at the very front of most music heads set lists.


Artist:  Kosmas
Title: 0.11
Label:  Dilate Records
Catalog No.:  DR011
Release Date:  8 September 2014