Berlin-based producer Chaim is back with his spectacular new EP ‘Can’t Wait To C U’ a three track release coming off of Guy Gerber’s relatively new label Rumors. The EP starts off with the title track ‘Can’t Wait To C U’ which pulls us in with it’s distant, echoing vocals. ‘Cosmology’ lightens the mood with its bouncing synths and shaking highs, where you can almost feel the weightlessness of the cosmos surround you. But don’t get too comfortable as the final track, ‘Escape Velocity,’ has us barreling back down to earth with what is the most tense and dark track of the EP. The three tracks play off each other perfectly to create a deep groove filled vibe that you can’t wait to put on repeat.


Artist: Chaim
Release Date: 2015-06-01
Label: Rumors
Catalog:  RMS007