From one of the freshest labels around, comes one of the freshest producers Brandon Heinz with his newest musical effort. I’ve had the personal pleasure of watching this man grow musically and I will say this is far and away his most unique and forward thinking release to date. With a smattering of minor releases, this release on Imune see’s Heinz getting serious with his music on a serious label, home to a cadre of producers who you should be keeping an eye on. With that being said, this two track EP displays his ability to create a peak time track with just the right hint of weird to keep things interesting. “Make It Clap” presents us with a funky bassline and creepy vocals reminiscent of something Shaded might toy with. He then pairs this with expertly placed claps making this a winner worthy of any techno set that needs a bit of a booty shaking injection. Along with the creepier, darker “Just A second” that contains enough acid clicks to make your spine tingle and plenty of heavy drums to make your whole body shake, this EP comes out on top. Give this one a listen and in no time you’ll be making it clap in the privacy of your own home, the nearest dancefloor, or whatever other dark environs would make these tracks feel at home.


Artist: Brandon Heinz
Release Date: 2015-06-03
Label: Imune Records
Catalog: IMU004