Although you might have some trouble finding Merimell’s home country of Estonia on a map, you won’t have any issue enjoying her latest release ‘Cyber Seduction’ out this week on Desolat.  With her own unique style, Merimell blurs the lines between techno, house, and even moombahton. ‘Cyber Seduction’ navigates through a plethora of chopped vocals, vibrating bass hits, and whip cracking high hats that all culminate into an interesting and exciting EP. Songs like ‘Drop It’ and ‘Back’ will have your head nodding to the almost robotic delivery of the vocals as the booming low end guides you through the track, while the shrill  futuristic synths in the title track ‘Cyber Seduction’ create a tension that builds at just the right pace.


Artist: Merimell
Release Date: 2015-06-01
Label: Desolat
Catalog:  DESOLAT043