With her new double-track single ‘Déserter‘, Calling Marian from Paris delivers her last swipe before her debut album Hyper Opus, being released on CVNT records, distributed by Balagan/Wagram Stories in october 2023. The track ‘Déserter’ shifts down a gear in tempo, but at the same time develops an inimitable traction through a clear arrangement, impressive synthesizers and warm melodies. Here, too, you can feel the artist’s essential sound and minimal acid nuances paired with indie dance and minimal techno slices.

The inspiration for this track was twofold; Déserter means leave, forsake, flee – it gives you the idea of an empty desert you leave behind yourself. I composed this track during the first lockdown, at this point I wanted to give up music entirely and avoid my responsibilities, and I was also struck by the strange perks of being forcibly alone. In response to my desire to quit making music, I made music. And this track took the form of realisation that quitting can be a legitimate feeling. I wanted to honor this strong feeling I had. In terms of composition, I had to use an old computer with an outated version of ableton live and plugins I had not used in a while, since I couldn’t go to my regular studio. To me it was an interesting journey using a setup from the past, a humble reminder that simple gear can also make good tracks.

Embarking on a sonic journey through the realms of techno, acid, and trance, Calling Marian emerges as a truly distinctive producer. Armed with a musicology background,she draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of artistic influences to craft music that resonates with power, authenticity, and emotion. Her artistic mission is to forge a harmonious blend of techno and club rhythms, evocative harmonies, and infectious melodies.

Notably, she boasts a remarkable degree of autonomy, assuming the roles of composer, recording artist, producer, and mix engineer for all her tracks. These sonic creations find their home on CVNT Records, a label she founded in 2017. Her live performances are nothing short of captivating, featuring an ensemble of machines and synthesizers.What truly distinguishes this producer is her magnetic stage presence.

Whether igniting dance floors with DJ sets at alternative venues like Wet For Me, La Trou aux Biches, Jeudi OK, Nova Mix Club, Disorder, or Kindergarten, or gracing the grand stages of illustrious festivals such as Marsatac, Rock en Seine, Les Vieilles Charrues, Panoramas, Scopitone, Hop Pop Hop, Nuits Sonores, Sakifo, and also Fusion Festival in Germany, Calling Marian leaves an indelible imprint. In a remarkably short span, she has also had the honor of opening for renowned artists such as Weval, Laurent Garnier, Jeanne Added, Arnaud Rebotini, Chlo, and Emika.

Following a succession of remixes and four consecutive EP releases (“The Parade” in 2017, “Rainmaking” in 2019, “Pisces” in 2018, and “Calling For The Past” in 2020), she is now diligently preparing for the launch of her debut album in October of 2023, titled “Hyper Opus. ” This groundbreaking work serves as a manifesto, challenging our perspectives on feminism and sisterhood, and their potential to shape the course of ecological and human crises in our era. Each track within the album is akin to a distinct canvas within a larger masterpiece, inviting listeners to explore their own interpretations.