Next up on the Fresh Faces series is a hot mix from Pierre Locher!

Pierre Locher first found his popularity under the pseudonym Awakening Of Two, recording electronic music through blending forceful sounds with powerful, immersive percussions all rooted in his passion for cinematography. With sets in Switzerland, Italy, the UK and UAE, Pierre Locher still continues to push his artistic boundaries all through combining analog synths with heavy electric guitar pedals which are paving the way to his unique signature style.

With an experimental approach to his sound design and composition, Pierre Locher captivates audiences through his story telling using his unique sonic palette which seamlessly blends Indie House, Techno, and Industrial House into one unique experience.

Pierre’s most recent release, “Cannibal Models”, is out now on Toka Musik, an innovative and forward-thinking music label that aims to defy conventional bounds of electronic music.

Check it HERE!







– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor