Cali Lanuaze is starting to turn heads with his own music and his Opulence label. It deals in fresh sounding, colourful house music and now the fifth release from the stable does so once more, this time with Johnny Cruz. Meanwhile, next to their two great originals, Roman Flugel and Moscoman come correct with a pair of fantastic remixes. 

First up is Flyg, a corrugated bit of tech house with smeared pads softening the edges of the rickety drums. It’s a dancing tune with a real sense of character and is a fine opener. The long time master of all dance styles Roman Flugel then steps up. His version strips things back, layers in plenty of dirt and dust and makes it an intimate and slow burning deep house cut that sounds like little else. May The Wind Always Be At Your Back from Cruz and Opulence then slips into a slippery minimal groove, with scurrying little synth lines and bacteria life forms making a dynamic, shuffling sense of groove. Last of all the one and only Moscoman comes up with something utterly unique and different. His playful side comes out in some trance inducing pads and chirp-like melody phrases that are woozy, refreshing and standout. All in all then, another interesting EP from Opulence. 

Flyg EP is out now! Buy it here: