Two Toronto legends who need little introduction, Nathan Barato and Carlo Lio are the founders of Rawthentic Music, an imprint founded in 2005 and reinvented as Rawthentic, which they inaugurated with ‘Mainframe’ in 2018. Both Canadians are known to release on labels like Hot Creations, Saved and Mindshake, not to mention performing at the world’s best venues such as DC-10, Amnesia and fabric.
Celebrating a year, Lio and Barato now drop their ‘Ghetto Drums EP’ on Rawthentic this Friday 12th April following releases by artists like DJ Sneak, Tripmastaz, AJ Christou, Caleb Calloway, Vibe Killers and Matt Tolfrey. They now interview each other in celebration of this monumental anniversary release.



What would you be doing in your life if you weren’t doing ANYTHING music related…
N: 100% I’d be the President and General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I still might be who knows.

How much would it cost a promoter for you to drop a full on EDM set? (Don’t you worry don’t you worry child!)
N: lolol fak … 1,000,000 pounds in cash. Where do I buy a marshmallow head??

Where do you wanna be in the next 5 years of your life as an artist, label owner etc etc.
N: You had to ask me a hard one eh? Fucker.
As an artist id really love to continue as I am now making dance music for the clubheads but I’ve wanted to give other genres a try like hiphop or just like sick electronic radio music…I wanna get Halsey on a beat. As a label owner Im pretty happy as we are…its so cool to do this co-A&R thing like we got going…I’d just be happy to have RAW going strong enough that it is still rollin in 5 years.

Where do you see yourself retiring and what will yo ass be doing during your retirement?
N: Ideally a split between Toronto and somewhere warm..Algarve, Ibiza maybe Miami…think I’d wanna mix it up and try a couple different places and decide from there. My dream retirement job is to be the guy playing music at Leafs games but I think I’ll end up getting a baby Rottweiler at like 75 and my full-time job will be taking care of it.

Would you ever want your kid to live the life we live with music and be in the environment we are in weekly?
N: 100% I think yes. It’s been a gift from the universe and its been so amazing. If I could have them do it differently Id say go for it younger than I went for it…

If you could only eat one thing and drink 1 thing the rest of your life .. what would it be?
N: That’s easy…endless bowls of the Ragu from Trattoria Giancarlo served with bottomless jugs of Pian Delle Vigne 1999.





How many times a day does Andre poopie? Yes I really wanna know
C: Really depends on what he eats. But on Avg I would safely say 3. Some are easy, some are not. But if the baby poops its always a good sign and his plumbing is working! Poo = success.

Out of all the methods you use when producing, what is the one thing that inspires you the most or is the most fun to do or gets you going quickest or you cant live without?
C: It’s funny as I tend to have different starting methods for each genre of tracks I produce. Lets say techno. Lay my kick. Load an arpeggiator plugin, add a bass sound and I work the trial and error method till I get close to what I like. Then fine tune it. If it’s house shit, I play sample game. I love to sample. Drums, bass, vocals. I have more fun working that way to be honest.

Who is your favourite NHL team? (hint: say the Leafs or were through)
C: Haha everyone knows how much I love hockey. (barf). But ill say Leafs cuz it would actually really upset you if I didn’t.

You got me into MTV’s The Challenge…it is now my truest love…why do you think its so good? What do you like best about it?
C: Bro its OUR truest love. We live and breath it. We talk about it just as much as we talk music. Challenge is much more then a reality tv show. It Teaches you life skills, teaches you to read people and teaches the right way to handle drama. Even though we love watching drama, we are also learning bro! We are better men because of MTV’s The Challenge. Never stop.

What are some CL tips to get through travel fatigue…or tips on how you get through really long travel days?
C: For me coconut water, disco naps. Not really great tips but this type job just takes a certain kinda person. Your made for it or you’re not. I can just process and handle fatigue and get past it where others can’t. I wish I had better methods but I really don’t. Oh here’s one! The love of music gets me through it 😉

Whats some advice you’d wanna give to a producer on the verge of breaking into the international market…
C: Its always amazing if this can happen to you, it’s like winning the lottery. Thats how I felt when I was able to tour full time. As I mentioned above this job is not for everybody, as people only see the fun side to this career. All I can say is be prepared for a ton of sacrifice. Whether it’s family, children, sleep, being in your own bed + many many more! Another side of advice is. It’s easier to get to this level then to stay there. So gotta stay consistent, gotta keep making music and releasing and gotta smash those sets.

Ghetto Drums drops on Rawthentic on the 12th April 2019.



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