Andrew Pololos, one of Montreal’s hottest rising dance acts, unveils his debut album, Until We Dance. Following singles ‘Running’, ‘Control’, and ‘All For You’, Pololos leans into modern pop sensibilities while remaining true to his signature deep house sound throughout, crafting a captivating record tailor-made for summertime parties everywhere. Until We Dance is out now across all streaming platforms via Aquarius Records.

Conceived during lockdown, Pololos created Until We Dance with the mission to help himself and others find solace by offering bright tracks to raise listeners’ spirits. His rapidly expanding fanbase has already streamed the lead singles over 115,000 times cumulatively across platforms.

Until We Dance opens with recent single ‘Control,’ a tasteful blend of emotive guitar breakdowns and dancefloor-ready house drops accentuated by JT Soul’s alluring vocal work. The record moves in a brighter direction with a pair of tropical house/deep house hybrids in lead single ‘Running’ and ‘For Today.’ Fellow Montreal native Andrea Piperni provides dazzling singing over the tracks’ bright instrumentation, adding to the tracks’ euphoria. Up next, Stephen Voyce’s optimistic lyricism keeps the mood light on ‘Lost & Found,’ delivering eloquent lyricism about the joys of unexpected love. Switching gears, Pololos hooks up with Nigerian singer Damvic to infuse Latin flavor into the standout title track, as the masterful blend of acoustic and electronic elements makes for an irresistible groove. Before closing the record on a pair of highly infectious piano house tunes, Pololos pays homage to deep house in the truest sense with the Naida-assisted ‘All For You.’