A bubbling name with releases via the likes of Hot Creations, Kaluki Musik and Deeperfect to name just a few, Manchester’s Joseph Edmund continues to showcase exactly why he’s one of the scene’s most exciting new names within house and tech house.

Hailed as a ‘one to watch’ by artists such as Solardo and Mark Jenkyns, with further support from The Martinez Brothers, Patrick Topping, Nathan Barato, Latmun, Detlef and many more, the emerging UK star recently made a debut outing on newly-minted East-Coast label Revival New York to deliver his ‘Self Love’ EP, backed by a remix from Alan Nieves. We caught up with Joseph to catch up, talk studio and dig deeper into the new release.

Hey Joseph, hope you’re well! How’ve you been keeping in these early months of 2021?
Hey, thanks for having me! Well, I’ve just been really working hard in the studio to be honest, but the past few weeks have been busy sorting out release schedules and confirming shows for the year (fingers crossed!).

We’ve known about you for a little while now, but if you had to introduce your sound to someone that had never heard it before in five words, which words would you choose?
I think now more than ever it’s ‘tough grooves with old-school flavour’ haha! 

Your latest EP ‘Self Love’ just dropped via newly-launched New York-based label Revival. Tell us a little more about how the EP came together and how you linked up with the guys given that you’re in the UK and that this is only the third release on the label.
My management put me onto revival and said what they were pushing for as a label/party/brand and I am all about their vision.. I’ve spoken to Mike who runs it loads in between, so it’s gone from releasing on a label I want to work with to releasing on my mates’ label.

The EP features a remix from NYC’s Alan Nieves. What did you like most about his take on the track the first time you heard it?
I am a big fan of the remix! I think it just adds another layer to this release and strips the B-side right down to makes it his own.

You also featured in Revival’s Desert Hearts ‘Opening Ceremony stream’ in late January. Have you enjoyed the opportunity to still perform and play whilst in lockdown via streams, or is the feeling of real clubs simply too good to replace?
I’ve played a few shows (socially distanced) as well as streams, but for me they’re nothing on the real thing. They definitely helped during the stricter lockdowns at the start, day after day of watching a different stream from a new artist… It’s how I got onto a lot of new artists actually. 

As an artist you’ve released on a host of labels already across your relatively young career, including Hot Creations, Deeperfect, Sola, VIVa, Hottrax and more… What would your advice to up-and-coming producers be when it comes to sending music to globally recognised labels?
It always comes down to hard work and being yourself. It can be easy to follow trends. but the music that stands out to these great labels is unique music that isn’t exactly what they get sent countless times each day.

Are there any dream labels that you’re still looking to tick off the list? 
Hot Creations was always my dream label and I’ve released on that and will continue to in the future, but I do have a few other labels I’d love to work with such as Crosstown Rebels and Desolat. 

You’ve also released on Kaluki Musik, with the label l and events brand based out of your hometown of Manchester in the UK. Could you tell us three artists from the city to look out for in 2021 as we hopefully near closer to a return to clubs and festivals worldwide?
There’s actually a lot of talent in Manchester and everyone is doing their own thing so it would be hard to say just three! I’ll say REME, Mason Collective and the Libero crew… all fire!

As a producer, your tracks seem to always be heavily focused on the groove but quite varied when it comes to the synths, melodies and other parts… What is your studio set up like at them moment, and what is your #1 go-to piece of gear when producing? (either in the box or hardware)
Always about the groove! Well, it just depends on what my mood is like at that moment if I’m honest… that’s why my production can be so varied. I always use my 303 and Moog. Recently I’ve been using the Prophet Rev 2, so you’ll start hearing some new synths and melodies very soon!

Lastly, if you could only play one set this year but you’d be the headline slot at a venue/party of your choice… where are you playing and which other artist is on the bill?
I’ll have to say Room 4 at Timewarp… catch me playing after Jamie, Marco, Dice, The Bros and Apllonia!? Haha.

Joseph Edmund ‘Self Love’ EP is out now via Revival New York – buy HERE.

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