Aaron Martin holds the key to a secret society of deep house purely powered by bass and drum, letting percussion run wild on top as vocal misfits make themselves heard. With little in the way of riffs, licks or melodies to hold onto, the Spaniard unlocks your other senses as a cryptic Clarisse scene stealer. This is drum circle, deep house for subterranean, cavernous, swampy, below sea level dancefloors, a mood and style that has caught the attention of Richie Hawtin and James Hype and stuck to streaming charts like glue.

It’s time for the percolator on ‘PauPau’, a tentacled, hot spring of deep house, built on the assembly line, rumbling and rattling with infinite efficiency. Beats take the elevator to beyond the basement, and coded language makes the location even more MIA.

Broader, bouncier beats living the ‘Colocolocada’ descend to watery, tribal house depths – sonar signals and aquatic frequencies swimming round – as Martin and his vocal cronies keep heads pushed down without coming up for air. The breakdown lies on a razor’s edge as bass levels push up, and the whole affair stays sharp while submerged.

The dress code for the third episode is ‘Chain on Neck’, befriending hip hop slingers on a dancefloor you won’t find on any maps. Deep, snippy, slightly druggy, and performing as a perfect domino rally to leaving you wanting more at both sunset and sunrise, Martin’s philosophy is both straightforward and full of mystery.




Artist: Aaron Martin
Title: PauPau EP
Label: Clarisse Records
Release Date: 2022-09-30




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor