Italian born electronic music artist MATTHEW, born and raised in Napoli, made his debut on VIVa MUSiC with his ‘Neapolitan EP’ almost exactly 12 months ago to the day. Having first previously released on Rich NxT ‘What NxT’ label bringing attention to his sound, MATTHEW makes a welcome return to VIVa MUSiC with his ‘Excusa Esto EP’ released 30th September. This EP leads from the front, and we are excited to share with you this incredible three track EP.

The EP opens with ‘Neno Excusa Esto’. If dynamism is what you look for in music, this is the one for you. Packed full of infectious energy from its jackin’ beats to high intense high speed rap vocals and moments of early electroclash production influences coming through. This is an ambitious and perfectly executed 6 minute journey we might never come down from so join us in hitting the repeat button and living it all over again!

Continuing this journey of sound, ‘Forsambaa’ opens with deep kicks and rhythmic funk driven drums that take us all the way through the track. As infectious as opener, ‘Neno Excusa Esto’, ‘Forsambaa’ is driven by dirty beats and hypnotic drum patterns. Chanting vocals that loop throughout making this a track that delivers any time day or night, commanding attention at the day time parties all the way through until the early hours with the lights down and the sun coming up. It leaves us with one question…. There is one more track to go on this EP, where are we going next?!

To close out, ‘Toodley’. Once again, MATTHEW delivers drums that are front and center, paired with a contagious bassline making it impossible to stand still listening to this EP. Chanting vocals are once again looped and draw us in. We’re completely lost in the music hoping this is a journey that never ends and are left wanting more.

It’s no surprise to see early support coming in from some of the biggest names in electronic music including Joris Voorn / Syreeta / Gene Farris / Toni Varga / Tsha / Marco Carola / Robbie Rivera / Mendo / Steve Lawler / Chelina Manuhutu / Jamie Jones / Maxinne / Tini Gessler / Prok & Fitch / Bastian Bux & more.

This is an EP that showcases MATTHEW’s true sound and showcases his ability to create a journey through musical expression across 3 certified killer house cuts. We’re already waiting to see what comes next from the Italian producer.




Title: Excua Esto EP
Label: VIVa Music
Release Date: 2022-09-30




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor