Cristina Lazic returns to Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion for her three-track ‘Secrets’ EP, featuring Shar.

Still young in her electronic music career, with influences dating back to her early years playing piano, DJ/producer, composer, and musician Cristina Lazic has steadily emerged onto the global scene across the past five years. Born in Italy and raised in London before returning to Milan, where she currently resides, her formative years have helped with crafting her own shades of house music, with high-profile appearances from Hï in Ibiza through to Get Lost in Miami and Exit Festival in Serbia. Releasing on Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion, late February welcomes an impressive return as she reunites with songwriter Shar for three fresh productions across her ‘Secrets’ EP.

“As they say, ‘things always come in threes’, and I am excited to present you my third EP out on Rebellion. Through this new release, I continue diving into topics that resonate with me. I believe I have developed a ‘sound signature’ and use my productions to tell my story and voice my experiences.

As usual with my music, each track has a meaning. ‘Secrets’, co-created with Shar, aims to raise some curiosity in people’s minds, reminding them that life can be more interesting if some things remain untold – especially in a world where people overshare on social media platforms. I was inspired to compose ‘Welcome To The Circus’ after playing at Get Lost Miami last year: a visionary, crazy experience where everyone is welcome – again, the text is co-written with Shar. And finally, ‘Wallball’ is inspired by sports sessions I have recently attended. Out of all exercises, wallballs were the most difficult ones for me. I wanted to flip a challenging task and turn it into a positive memory, this track – more minimal, groovy, a club banger to have people dancing – now delivers uplifting vibes.” – Cristina Lazic.

Opening via the hypnotic and winding sonics of title cut ‘Secrets’ featuring Shar, the three tracks across the package balance light and dark moments for a rich and expansive offering. ‘Welcome To The Circus’, also alongside Shar, fuses resonant vocals with evolving electronics and sweeping synth lines before the rolling and refined ‘Wallball’ sees Lazic step out solo to shape up proceedings in emphatic fashion.

Cristina Lazic ‘Secrets’ EP is out now on Rebellion.




Artist: Cristina Lazic
Title: Secrets EP
Label: Rebellion
Release Date: 2023-02-24




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor