Sol Selectas is a label run by Sabo whose love of melodic electronica and tribal rhythms can be heard in each release.

Focused towards house music, each of the label’s releases are crafted with a careful hand and attention to detail, which is also reflected in the artwork created by Helia Jamali.

The latest release on Sol Selectas sees the welcome return of Russian artist Zakir, who has previously featured on three other releases to date.

Often the Sol Selectas releases spark the imagination with pictures of sonic landscapes that transports the listener to distant lands, and this latest offering brings us directly into an African safari.

Zakir has also been a feature of other labels including Exotic Refreshment, Pepper Cat, plus Tenampa. Alongside his two original tracks are solo remixes from David Mayer and Switchdance.

With this remix, David Mayer makes his debut on Sol Selectas following releases on Stil Vor Talent, Mobilee, Objektivity, Keinemusik, and his style if a perfect fit for the label.

Portuguese artist Switchdance is also new to Sol Selectas, who comes with an impressive back catalogue including Innervisions, and forthcoming music signed to Areal.

The opening track “Save The Children” is based heavily on dramatic percussion fused with aboriginal chants. Its mood could easily be the soundtrack to a wild animal hunt deep in the heart of the African jungle, and translates well to the vigorous movement of a packed dancefloor.

David Mayer’s remix of “Save The Children” keeps the originals percussion, but expands on it with a metallic cow bell and melody rich synths that tumble into the groove. With spare use of the chants, this melodic version adds chic and epic drama to the originals raw tribal groove.

Second of the original tracks “Naa Zambara” has a more laid back and thoughtful groove, like a wise tribal elder telling fables round a campfire. Percussion lead with slow building synths, it also has a variety of wildlife samples that create a sense of natural beauty. Deeply spiritual in essence, it’s a fine example of storytelling house music.

Finally the Switchdance remix of “Naa Zambara” transforms the track with an unusual melody sound and his own added synths. Building towards the main breakdown the originals percussion is also joined by an acid line as the tension builds and the chants create a mesmerising sense of serenity to calm the mood.




Artist: Zakir, David Mayer
Title: Save The Children
Label: Sol Selectas
Release Date: 2018-05-07


– jams
Jimbo James