Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as an industry staple and ever changing innovator.

His signature style of long drawn out blends create a rich tapestry of audio, where its not easy to tell where one song starts and the other ends. To many, Jay tripwire is known as one of the godfathers of all things underground, and his ability to play extended sets of up to 10 hours demonstrate his fine tined and honed skill set as a DJ.

Jay has recently become a resident at Mr. Cs legendary SuperFreq parties and a regular contributor to the label, some of the notable parties have been at BPM festival, NYC for Resolute, and of course Fabric in London. Locally Jay has played over 500 underground parties and has held an on off residency at the infamous Gorgomish for 11 years.

This mix was recorded live at a gig at Gorgomish here in Vancouver, I then put it into post production and sprinkled some samples from the 1960s vintage Spider-Man cartoon overtop to make it have some kind of identity. This mix definitely represents why they call me Tripwire and how the music I play can melt faces to the right crowd and soundsystem.

Gorgomish is kind of like the Vancouver version of Panarama Bar, its where you get a lot of “enhanced” people partying till late on a great system in a smaller more private setting.

West Coast Podcast 050: Jay Tripwire

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– jams
Jimbo James