Fresh out of Seattle, Wax Martini has a new sophisticated 3-track EP out, ‘Jazz Cigarettes’, from Viva Recordings. Wax Martini is a duo, Rob Martini and Meltonwax, who have been producing music together since 2011. They are both well-known in Seattle for their funky, deep house and disco productions. Their latest release is a combination of genres, adding in elements of jazz, 2-step, house, garage and funk.

Jazz Cigarettes’, the original, has a classic funk feel, with a beautiful jazz piano melody. Sean Swanky comes in with the ‘Jazz Cigarettes’ remix, bringing in a more profound, deep bassline. ‘Uber High’ has a lighter ambience, with high-pitched melody and neoteric twists. The entire EP is a moody complexity of genres, bringing the roaring 20’s into 2016.  It’s that addicting nicotine in cigarettes, tasted through music, that brings bassline cravings to the soul.


Artist: Wax Martini 
Release Date: 2016-01-25
Label: Viva Recordings
Catalog No.:  VV9856

Wax Martini – Jazz Cigarettes – Viva Recordings

Becky Beloved