Vibe Killers duo, Mark and Mickey Horsey have released a new weighty EP, “Control Freak“, on their imprint, “Killer Vibe Records“. It features two original tracks from the duo and a remix from French House Hero, Dj W!ld.

First up we have “Control Freak” which is banging with acid house synths, dark vocals, and bubbly hi-hats. Making it a perfect peak hour banger. “Medium Rare” is a trippy house jam; a perfect combination of deep bass, gurgling vocals, and kicks that make you want to move.

 Dj W!ld has taken “Medium Rare” and added his legendary twist on it. Pumping it out with house filled kicks, undertone bass-lines, and a meaty but no shame vocal sample.

The feels are real with this EP!





Ana Martinez

Contributing Editor