SUPERLATIVE TRACKS VOLUME 2, VA Following on from the huge success of volume 1, we proudly present SUPERLATIVE TRACKS VOLUME 2 – a massive 6 tracks sampler; Dry & Bolinger, Xander & Niederreiter feat. DOS, Tough Love, Mark Wells, JammHot, Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul. Each bringing their own unique sound. Enjoy and never forget: MOTHER RECORDINGS, LOVE THAT IS MADE TO LAST FOREVER!!!

 They open the STV series with a beautifully balanced track. DRY & BOLINGER have capture a remarkable hook, blended it with a deep grooving and melodic bass line. Its big rumbling pads in the break down warm the track up nicely, while the killer vocal and dominant keys will have you singing loud from start to finish.  XANDER & NIEDERREITER is the birth child of Kassian and Markus. Their passion for music is evident, What Is Love is a perfect example of there pure love for Deep House. The beautiful cooperation with DOS blends perfectly with haunting pads, this combined with rumbling bass and 808 drums ensure a perfect dance floor groover.  London duo TOUGH LOVE bring to MOTHER what is fast becoming their forte & in demand sound, straight up high energy house. Fahrenheit is as big and bumpy as it is beautiful. The cute & catchy female vocal gives the track balance against its big base. While the stabs pay homage to 90’s house. TOUGH LOVE have once again captured that foot to the floor house. MARK WELLS has been quietly gathering a vast amount of support in the house scene. Part of the Purp & Soul family with release on Nurvous & Alive. Driven Me offers up a splash of deep disco. The well placed vocal and guitar pluck brings elements of funk that blend perfectly with toms and percussion. Perfect for the summer season ahead.  Another trio hailing from the UK come in the form of Akara Etteh, Matt Mason & Jamie Adams. With releases under their belts on Leftroom’s baby Left’d & Huxley’s Saints & Sonnets. JAMMHOT are no stranger to house connoisseurs. Under My Skin is heavily influences by early 90s house & garage. Its high in energy drums and chop friendly percussion works perfectly with its cute vocal. Beautiful house keys will keep a smile on your face, while its rolling bassline will keep you feet moving all night long.  Last but by no mean least we offer up ?Wizard?. The perfect way to round off the SUPERLATIVE TRACKS series. ROBERTO CALZETTA & TWIN SOUL have delivered a track that brings a touch of disco. With its melodic guitar pluck, live bass groove & friendly pads its easy to see why this Dutch duo have gained support from the likes of Solomun, NTFO & Adana Twins.


Artists:  Various Artists
Title:  Superlative Tracks Volume 2
Label:  Mother Recordings
Catalog No.:  MOTHER013