“No Regular Play are a duo equally at home in the rehearsal rooms of Julliard as in the main room of Fabric. Emotive and unapologetically organic, their fluid approach unites more than a lifetime of influences.”

After releasing their first originals on Wolf + Lamb Records in 2008, No Regular Play has stuck to their roots, developing and evolving a signature sound with the support of a passionate crew.  Alongside the release of their debut album Endangered Species last November, Greg Paulus and Nick DeBruyn produced a notable live performance, showcasing their extensive musical abilities, evident chemistry and spirited enthusiasm around the world. 

A year later, a few key artists from the Wolf + Lamb family and Frank & Tony of the New York based Scissor & Thread imprint envision the choice tracks with their own styles and influences in mind, making for a compelling and upbeat package.

Flow master Navid Izadi and smooth operator Slow Hands take on title track “Won’t Quit,” whose differing interpretations are refreshing and offer sounds for multiple settings. Amping up the tempo, Izadi gives it the straight House treatment while Slow Hands embraces the mild pace, following a sleek build and adding sliding acoustics for a very organic feel.

Soul Clap picks “Birdfeathers” up with a dense beat and a more reflective effervesence, highlighting the beautifully lyrical and atmospheric quality of the original for a new tune that will lift you off your feet.

There is not much better than an ambitious musical collaboration, and we are in love with the idea of Scissor & Thread and Wolf + Lamb coming together to make sweet tunes for our listening pleasure.  Frank & Tony prolong notes for a dreamy  feel while still retaining the raw, hip-hop essence so characteristic of the original “Kickback” and close out this comprehensive volume in style.

Loving the creativity and family vibe of this release!  PURCHASE HERE and check out No Regular Play’s full performance when they came and spread holiday cheer to the Lovelife family last Xmas :]

The Last Xmas with No Regular Play Live ♥ Presented by Lovelife from Lovelife on Vimeo.

Artist: No Regular Play, Navid Izadi, Slow Hands, Soul Clap, Frank & Tony
Title: Endangered Species Remixes Vol. 1
Label: Wolf + Lamb
Release Date: November 18th, 2013
Catalogue #: WL32