This sampler features three brand new and exclusive tracks as taken from the forthcoming Crossing Wires 001 – Compiled and Mixed by My Favorite Robot which is due out June 10th. It features disco talent The Revenge, techno veteran Timo Mass and Robot member James Teej and offers a snapshot of the sounds this label has dealt in across more than 75 releases to date.

The first track from The Revenge might not be what you expect – instead of dazzling disco ‘Maia’ is a slice of kinetic pulsating house that ebbs and flows beautifully. Of course there is some devilish synth work buried between the beats to add some all important colour, too, and a restrained sense of epic-ness is never far away.

Next up is electronic legend Timo Maas with ‘Dancing For My Pleasure’, a bulbous techno track with quirky synth hooks and plenty of tension buried deep within. Sounding like a spaceship circling a desolate cityscape, the sounds full submerge you in a world far away from here.

Finally, famed vocalist and one third of My Favorite Robot, James Teej decides to slow things down in his ‘I Like To Clip’ track that swaggers back and forth in a lonely landscape with only icy melodic winkles and rising and falling keys for company. It’s unnerving but inviting, alien yet familiar, and combines the man’s usual strained vocal style with plenty of musical mystery.

Keep an eye out for the full mix will be available from June 10th 2013.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  My Favorite Robot Crossing Wires 001 Sampler
Label:  My Favorite Robot
Catalog No.:  MFR075

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