[Party]  It’s that time again, when everyone that loves our music congregates on top of the famous rooftop at the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  Culprit has made the Standard their summer home for over 4 years now and they are back for their second party of the season.  For this session they bring in 1/3 of the treacherous three that is Apollonia, Dan Ghencia.  This French man is known for his flawless technique and impeccable taste and always impresses on the decks.  In addition, they are having Hot Creations’ PBR Streetgang join the party, who are making their first Culprit debut. LA local talent and famous meme’s, Plastic Love, will be opening things up for what is sure to be another wonderful day in Southern California.  Culprit have put LA on the map as portal for dance music and if you have yet to experience these awesome parties, we recommend you do so!

RSVP LIST-ONLY, use this direct link to RSVP: http://rjtdesign.com/culprit/april-2013/5-19-2013-culprit-sessions-rsvp.html

FB Event Page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/152442801591134/