[Release] It has been quite the summer for Exploited. With two massive releases, Urulu’s Sincerely ’91 and Homework‘s Conversation Piece, tearing up both the dance floor and the charts, they release another superb record to close off the summer season. The latest in their Black Jukebox compilation series, Vol. 5 contains four amazing reworks courtesy of Andre Crom, Darabi, James Silk, and Patryk Molinari.

Kicking off the compilation, Silk reworks Nu Shooz 1986 classic, “I Can’t Wait,” into an uptempo dance gem. Allowing the nu-wave feel of the original to have its moment at first, Silk then drops the audience into a Caribbean jungle, where bongos and percussion get the body moving.

Berlin born and bred Patryk Molinari takes the stage next with “No Dilemma.” Though it’s labeled as deep house, this track has disco written all over it. A bass line made for two-stepping hovers in the background while piano chords and guitar licks take the listener back to the era of  lit dance floors and all night dance parties.

With his track “Body Dreamin,” Andre Crom takes Blondie’s “Rapture,” throws in a huge dose of caffeine and kicks the tempo up. A speedy bass line and fervent guitar juxtapose the relaxing, haunting vocal sample Crom uses, making it hard to decide whether your dancing should consist of swaying or sweating. Either would be acceptable.

For the final track, “She Keep It Tight,” Darabi turns down the dance and kicks up the sex. At only 100 bpm and a vocal sample urging everybody to “listen to your body,” there’s really only a few things that “Tight” would be appropriate for, and most of them require the lights turned down low.

Black Jukebox Vol. 5 is another perfect example of the quality underground dance music that we can expect from both Exploited and their very talented roster of artists. It’s always exciting to see what they have in store and I for one will be looking forward to whatever they have next for us.




Artist: Various
Title: Black Jukebox Vol. 5
Label: Exploited
Catalog Number: BJ05


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