[New Release]  Paul Mad is no new comer to dance music, although you may not have heard of him yet. After this latest release, however, he should be making lots of noise.  For his latest release, he teams up with his Deep Beep Records family to bring us this laid back and chill work which is perfect for those last few long beach days of summer.  Also featuring a sweet remix from Los Suruba, Believe In Love is sure to make some waves.

The title track, ‘Believe In Love,’ is a lighthearted, beautiful gem with some silky smooth vibes.  A gorgeous arrangement of vocals and percussion, along with a flowy bass line make this one an instant lovers’ classic.  Los Suruba adds his own touches to the original track by taking it a  little deeper, chopping up the vocals, and really giving it some lustrous vibes.  ‘Timer’ is another seductively delicious track with its funky deep bass and crisp percussion.  ‘Faith’ is a perfect ending to this release.  A slowed down, laid back approach with some honey-coating, this track really brings the album together as a whole.

Overall this is a great release for Deep Beep Records and from Paul Mad.  A great release for the of end your summer, while you relax and enjoy those last precious days of warmth and sun.  I really see all these tracks getting lots of play, especially daytime and poolside.


Artist:  Paul Madd
Title:  Believe In Love
Label:  Deep Beep Records
Catalog No.:  DEEPBEPP010

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