Vanco is one of the Afro house scene’s most notable names. His heavy basslines and thumping percussive grooves have resonated with audiences all over the world with releases on labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Get Physical. Last year, he played key clubs and events in Ibiza, including Blue Marlin and Pablo Fierro’s residency at Club Chinois; he has toured Africa, Europe and Asia in 2024 and recently sold out a show at Outernet, London. We caught up with Vanco ahead of his upcoming release on connected, ‘Khumbaya’. 

Thanks for sitting down with Music Is 4 Lovers. What have you been up to recently?
Currently in Bali performing tonight & then take 2/3 days off then continue with my tour. Also trying to finish up an EP I am working on, basically living to the fullest and doing what I love!

Your upcoming single Khumbaya Ft. Muneyi’ arrives on connected on the 14th June. What can you tell us about this release?
Such a really feel good song alongside Muneyi who is a super talented singer. I believe the world need to check it out!

Sublime vocals from Muneyi on ‘Khumbaya’. How important do you think vocal performances are to Afro house and why?
The world is built on history; it makes culture, and culture is pride. Vocal songs, especially Afro House (which I don’t like to box into one area), is important as this is storytelling is our “African Pride” which can be used as a tool to unify us all.

You recently toured across locations in Africa, Europe and Asia; which moments stand out as highlights for you?
I am always on tour, still in the expanding & building phase. Every gig stands out as its always the best thing for me to be doing; I am living, learning, meeting new people by performing in these different places. These points equally stand out as beautiful & special because I am living my dream of being an artist.

Afro House has exploded in popularity internationally in recent years. Why do you think it’s important for different countries to experience music of other cultures?
Cultural exchange is a medicine to racial, religious, political indifferences which hold so much weight in our society. It helps us tackle the stereotypes we have of one another in all aspects of life, over and above what I have mentioned previously to create awareness of who we are, who your neighbour is and the air we each breathe.

What’s your favourite record right now and why?
Damian Marley – Road To Zion (EFIX & XKAEM Cover); it’s a feel good song with an impactful message and a reminder for us to be kind to one another.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2024?
Staying committed to this love I have for music. Most importantly elevating my career to become a beacon for those beginning their path as artists. I hope to eventually carve an easier route for newer generations.

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