Noir’s trustworthy recommendations never disappoint, and the anticipated Second Chances and New Romances Volume 6.0 delivers a satisfyingly techy treat, compiled and approved by the tastemaker himself.

The Italian duo Nice7 starts us with a soulful and lovely vocal remix, encouraging living for the moment, getting in touch with your spirit and letting the music take control.  This one will keep you on your feet and have you saying, “Do you want it? And if you had it, would you flaunt it?”

Sabb and Cuartero start the tech wave as quick bells and a diced R&B harmony lead the way into Pirupa’s “Gate With,” whose twisted jungle spirit and minimal sophistication precede Bimas’s structurally circular “N’16,” continually moving you forward.

The tech wave hits its peak with “Tono,” a spicy number with deep nuanced tones, highs for days and strong organically resonant percussion that switches up and keeps you wanting more.  Ilario Liburni takes you on a journey with his seriously addictive track, fusing tech and dream house elements to embrace an open air vibe while retaining that inherently dark and sexy warehouse feel we crave-a must have.

Supernova rolls this tech driven wave onto the shore with his crisp, encompassing “Clear Vision,” that gains serious momentum with each distinctive drop.

Noir is a man who knows how to heat up a dancefloor, and these seven tracks by both well-known and fresh new talent exemplify  a cutting edge sound relevant to the present and future trends of the dance community.


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Label: Noir Music
Catalog No.: NMW042