Here are two artists that really know good house music. They understand the journey. They understand the slow and steady, the build up, the techno drive, the dark and deep and old school sweat and tears.

Frenchmen Seuil and Le Loup who are, on their own, incredible producers and DJs, came together to create Hold Youth in 2011, an all vinyl record label for their collab projects. The latest release, Pap’House, features the A Side written and produced exclusively by Leonard Perret (aka Le Loup) and the B side written and produced exclusively by Alexis Benard (aka Seuil).

Both sides of Pap’House feature a raw sound which layers classic-sounding looping samples over deep, active basslines that keep up an infectious energy.

Le Loup’s “The Soul” is bouncy, yet soft; its tasteful “gangsta house” feel and sharp kick make this is a classic. “Casquette” presents a more foreboding sound, with treacherous elements echoing in the background — a great choice for the late-late night when people are the least in touch with reality.

Seuil continues along the dark path, his tracks maintaining a distinct dancefloor energy meant to keep people in the zone. Although the last track on the EP, “Marmite,” slows down in bpms, its is kinetic as ever with a a punchy bassline and a stand-out synth stab that keep the movement going.

Definitely add this release to your vinyl collection — some truly classic tracks.


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