Two of the hottest names in Southern California house production in 2012 were the ever-popular Urulu & Steve Huerta. Over the past year both of these two artists have established themselves as rising talents in the Southern California house scene. Now, both Urulu and Huerta are looking to take their productions to the next level with their dual EP release off of Dirt Crew Recordings.

The EP titled Things I Didn’t Mean has a smooth, low-slung vibe throughout its entirety. Amidst the airy vocals and filtered pad work, a level of complexity and brilliance begins to shine through.

Urulu and Huerta start the EP off strong with their high-energy title track “Things I Didn’t Mean” and sets the bar for the rest of the EP. The subsequent tracks are slower and melodic. “Be There” has silky synth work and smooth Sisqo sampled vocals, entrance the listener into a state of uninterrupted bliss.

Moving to the B-side, we find a nice dubbed rendition of “Be There” by Glasgow producer The Revenge. The dub features sexy swaying synth work alongside its light piano riffs and crunching percussion. The final track, Steve Huerta’s “Long Way Home.” The track’s light airiness floats the listener through its varying layers of soft and smooth symphonics.

Those who purchase the EP will also receive an exclusive digital copy of Urulu and Steve Huertas track “Possessions.” Be sure to keep an eye out on both these young producers, as they are both sure to have a big year in 2013.


Purchase HERE.