[New Release] Oh my, oh Maya. Maya Jane Coles has had a meteoric rise in the dance music world over the course of the last two years. By no means a newcomer to producing (she’s young, but has been making music for a decade already), she’s spun all over the world, worked with renowned artists like Little Dragon and Florence + the Machine, compiled for the legendary DJ Kicks, and the list goes on and on.

This latest work, Easier to Hide, is the first release of her brand new label, I/AM/ME. Although electronic, this isn’t dance music. The release is incredibly refreshing and candid, and demonstrates Coles’ coveted flexibility as an artist in many musical realms.

Title track, “Easier to Hide,” is off of Coles’ upcoming full length album. It is a deep, guileful work with hypnotizing vocals and a catchy hook.  “Over” is a warm, melody-driven track that uses a lively, multi-faceted bassline under a sweet guitar riff.

“Back to Square” is a beautiful, subtle and understated track with synths swinging lazily behind the main focus: the vocals. The last track, “Run with the Wild,” is upbeat and energetic and rounds the EP out nicely. If these tracks are any indication of the novelty her upcoming album will bring to the table, Coles has a lot to look forward to as an entrenched artist in this scene.

The EP is a wonderful display of Coles’ power as an artist, who could very well be a staple and innovator of a new generation of sound in electronica. Her productions are sharp, clean, and most importantly, fitting — they seem distinctly her own, despite having worked on a wide range of genres.
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