“Embatucadores Remixed” honors a percussion group from São Paulo

“Creativity” is the word that best defines the new project released by Tropical Twista Records & MCD Records. The brazilian labels welcomed the curator, DJ and producer Kurup to create a full cultural dialogue with the group Embatucadores. Based on sucata – percussion-based artistic expression created from body beats and random junk objects –  the group sees a collection of 10 tracks remixed by electronic music artists from five different countries.

Highlights in “Embatucadores Remixed” include the Brazilians Ibu Selva, Evehive and Numa Gama; the Argentine Chancha Via Circuito, the Portuguese DJ Danifox, the French La Dame and the Ecuadorian Joaquín Cornejo. Even though Tropical Twista is primarily recognized for their downtempo ethnic beats, many other musical strands – including Brazilian rock and funk – are integrated into this compilation, with nuances ranging from minimalistic experiments to breakbeat intensity. Listen to the compilation below and support the project on Bandcamp.

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