CapsuleM truly believes the quality music always finds its way out to reach those who would appreciate and love it. It is timeless; it is above and beyond the hype.
By focusing on this very notion for our next installment, and putting all popularity numbers aside, we wanted to come up with some names whose music can really connect to our hearts. Out of a handful of names, two stood out. We felt their sound would beautifully complement each other and offer a few hours magical musical journey under a clear blue sky during the day.

Friends/followers/music lovers;
Please welcome two Los Angeles debuts; CANSON (Live) and GAB RHOME.
If you are not very familiar with these names just trust us on this; you won’t regret it.

CapsuleM’s own ELWAN and our buddy Berge aka GOLDCAP will also be with us to set up the mood right with their dreamy, soul and ear pleasing tunes delivered by crystal clear FUNKTION-ONE Sound System.


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