Gab Rhome has returned with a second installment on his recently launched label ‘Rendez-vous’. The Montreal producer follows up from his previous release the ‘Changing Lanes’ EP.

‘What Kind Of Guru Are You’ is an eclectic cut that brings the artists signature melodic sounds with a ‘thick’ dance floor flow. The second track ‘Asylum Twist’ is an indie dance classic that captures perfectly Rhome’s sonic diversity with a vocal-driven track that takes you on a groovy sleek ride.

Gab also had this to say about the label;
‘The goal with the label is to define who and what is Gab Rhome. Releasing with certain labels comes with stigmas and expectations, which often leads to editing tracks to appeal to specific A&Rs’ Gab says. ‘I’ve been feeling more and more trapped by this process; Rendez-vous is the remedy for this, allowing me to be truly free of limitations and unlock the creative process.’




– @MitchDodge
Mitch Dodge